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About Us

Established in 2002, Design Consortia was founded by Ar. Sumit Malik. The firm was later expanded and joined by Ar. Rohit Garg and Architect Mr. Vineet Malik. As a firm, we have successfully executed more than 500 Projects in India as well as Abroad. The company was established with the objective of carrying out the practice of Architecture, interior design, and project management. Our motive is to provide customized innovative designs to help clients realize their dreams through our art. Design Consortia is a leading architectural and interior designing studio specializing in customer-oriented design and project management to make your dream home a reality.   

Our founder, Mr. Sumit Malik graduated from the Sushant School of Art and Architecture in Gurgaon and since then has dealt with projects of different scales and types. The experience in the field has enabled him to understand design challenges and the application of the latest technologies.

Mr. Rohhit Garg, a graduate from Aayojan School of Architecture, Jaipur, has worked with RK & Associates, a Premier Architectural design Firm, and BATES India Pvt Ltd (WPP group company). He has immense knowledge in Retail design, Architecture, Product Design, and Advertising.

Our partners Mr. Vineet Malik and Mrs. Priyanka Malik both have a passion for their work and a keen eye for detail.

It is most important for us to create long-term relationships with clients based on trust and mutual benefits. We offer customized design solutions to help your brand create a distinctive image & space with an effective marketing edge. Our focus has been on delivering innovative design interventions which serve the client’s needs. We have unique expertise in both the areas of architectural constructions as well as home renovations. We have assisted many clients across multiple industries including private, residential, and commercial. We deal in commercials and residential projects along with using 3D proposals for better client understanding.

Our Approach

01 /

Collaborative thinking —

Providing dynamically innovative architectural solutions

02 /

Iterative Approaches —

All-round design approaches to achieve end-user comfort

03 /

Distinctive designs —

Objectively innovate design layouts while aiming for sustainable solutions

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Quality individuality —

We commit to building perfect masterpieces without any design compromises

05 / Collaboration

Project management —

Every project is tailor made with the client’s need and timely delivered

Our Mission

We seek to become a Design firm that sets trends in the exterior and Interior community. Our core values remain in being reliable designers who strive for perfection. The skilled team at Design Consortia focuses on delivering the best services while providing quality work. We aim to create dynamic designs that further encourage curiosity with the users.

The DC family works hard to provide exemplary and groundbreaking architectural solutions for our customer’s needs. Our greatest strength is our team of educated and driven professionals who are highly motivated in producing quality work. It is the passion and drive that sets us apart from our competitors. We aspire to innovate, striving to become one of the top architectural firms in Delhi.