Luxury Estate Home

February 28, 2023 by admin

A family luxury estate home housing six residents is an abode showcasing their persona and way of life. The architecture ideology speaks of the connections and linkages to create a therapeutic vibe. Since times immemorial, courtyards as spaces have deep roots in Indian architecture since it was a traditional way of living. It was an integral part of our culture transitioning the hierarchy of spaces. We can trace them back to ancient civilisations where they were influenced by culture and climate.

The farmhouse has 7 bedrooms, huge double height drawing room which faces the swimming pool and lawn area, acompanied by family lounge, a home theater with seatings of 8 is attached with the party hall in basement that is having a sunken court. The farm also consist the lavish gym area.

Nestled in the heart of the capital, the Garga residence exuberates this social interactive space as the soul of this residence making it buzzing with activities and also acting as a visual linkage A strong linear axis connects the outside to the courtyard giving a larger than life feel to the entryway. Bold accents planned along the axis further accentuate the surroundings.

All other spaces are arranged around the courtyard which gives it a larger than life vibe. Water bodies across the site have created an interplay of built and the open giving a serene feeling to the design. y The luxury residence estate home uses clean lines and modern materials to achieve a contemporary look. It is an amalgamation of traditional indian spatial arrangement along with modern material and contemporary lines.

The composition of the building blocks is extremely straight and uses clean lines. It forms an oasis where the positive and negative spaces combine. Strong and vibrant patterns have been used for flooring showcasing ethnic influences with a modern interpretation. Striking colour combinations mark the spaces as a true expression of the client’s personality. There is natural linearity, clean lines and add to the serenity to the space.