Home Facelifts: Your Guide To Rejuvenating Exterior Home Renovations

January 21, 2023 by admin

Since times immemorial, man has tried to adapt and recreate the surroundings according to needs. Renovation is a significant idea since it only increases the value of the house but also the comfort of the user. Face-lifting a home is a way to provide a dramatic and distinguished presentation of the surroundings with a knock-on effect of increased aesthetics. One can play around with colours, textures, elements, accessories and movable furniture.

To name a few building elements which dramatically change a house’s exterior are- decks, entry porches, verandahs, pergolas, and privacy screens. Replacing external cladding, rendering existing brickwork, re-roofing, upgrading landscape treatment, painting a house with a new colour scheme, and replacing and paving old driveways can significantly change the vibe of the exterior. While the interior design adds to the comfort and aesthetics of living spaces, the exterior contributes to the visual identity of a home, providing a distinctive appeal. This presents an opportunity to create a more contemporary appearance.

The recent reconstruction project by Design Consortia at DLF, Gurgaon demanded a delicate refinement of interior spaces resulting in an extensive makeover of the external North-west facade. For instance, when the bedroom on the top floor has been redesigned as a private sanctuary, a free-standing wall is created to form a screen that maintains the privacy of the bedroom. This wall runs across the side of the site, providing privacy for the premises while also allowing adequate natural light to flow through the spaces. 

In the case of this project, invariable importance is given to both the functionality and aesthetic regime of the structure. Though the renovation needed the strengthening of beams and columns to retain the existing structural grid, there isn’t a compromise on upgrading the aesthetics. The redesign of this home includes getting rid of RCC- therefore, steel-framed structures are projected out as balconies that also add to the elevation aesthetics.

The low-maintenance facade is in increasing demand with facelifting the exteriors in homes. Materiality plays a vital role in designing low-maintanance facades. For instance, the DLF project opts for a durable material palette, especially on the facade, that includes treated wooden panels, glass, and GRC jaalis, which contribute to low maintenance and as well as aesthetics.

The upgrade of the exterior also includes landscaping that surrounds the property, including the lawns, pavement, and driveways. The DLF home features an artificial lawn adjacent to the driveway as a part of the renovation. The double-height interior complements the exterior greenery by creating an outdoor connection. 

The exterior facelift to the home is almost a byproduct of the interior renovations which initiate the project. However, this external facelift can have just the appropriate impact on the comfort of the home simultaneously, creating a new identity for the home.