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September 15, 2023 admin

The facade of a building holds immense potential in influencing our perception of built structures. Beyond its functional need of providing protection, the design of a building’s exterior can shape its identity and make a powerful statement while also promoting innovation with material. In this article, Ar. Sumit Malik, Founder Partner at Design Consortia, elaborates on the remarkable power of facades, highlighting their impact on architectural aesthetics and the overall urban landscape.

Reimagining the Visual Identity
The potential of facade design lies in its ability to redefine the visual identity of a building. By introducing innovative techniques and pushing the boundaries of architectural expression, facades can uplift entire neighbourhoods creating a sense of vibrancy and cultural richness. Cladding materials- such as glass, metal, or sustainable alternatives, can lend a modern and timeless appeal, evoking a specific era or architectural style. Integrating iconic forms or patterns can further enhance the visual impact, creating a unique impression.

Enhancing Energy Efficiency
Facades present an excellent opportunity to enhance a building’s energy performance. Incorporating energy-efficient materials, such as insulated panels or high-performance glazing, can significantly reduce energy consumption and contribute towards sustainability. By combining energy-efficient materials and innovative design strategies, architects and designers can create facades that actively reduce energy consumption and create an eco-friendly built environment.

Incorporating Sustainable Practices
Sustainable facades encompass a holistic approach to building designs integrating various green technologies and practices. Beyond minimising energy consumption, they aim to reduce the overall carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier urban ecosystem. For instance, buildings can generate renewable energy through solar panels or other such resources, reducing reliance on traditional energy sources. Solar panels can be seamlessly integrated into facade design, optimising energy production while maintaining aesthetic appeal. Green facades also play a vital role in enhancing the sustainability of the building without compromising on exterior aesthetics.

Embracing Technological Advancements
Facades can leverage cutting-edge technologies to enhance functionality and user experience. Integration of smart systems, responsive facades, or interactive elements can transform buildings into dynamic, adaptable, and engaging spaces. Integration of smart systems leverages automation and connectivity to optimise building performance and user comfort. These technologies allow for seamless control of various building functions, from temperature and lighting to security and multimedia systems, enhancing convenience and customization. For example, smart shading systems can automatically adjust the position of blinds or louvres based on the sun’s angle, maximising natural light while minimising heat gain. Smart lighting systems can adjust lighting levels based on occupancy or daylight availability, improving energy efficiency.

The potential of facade design is boundless, as they possess the power to breathe new life into buildings and profoundly impact aesthetics, functionality, and the urban landscape. By harnessing these potentials, buildings can become iconic symbols that enrich the fabric of cities, leaving indelible impressions on their inhabitants.


February 28, 2023 admin

A family luxury estate home housing six residents is an abode showcasing their persona and way of life. The architecture ideology speaks of the connections and linkages to create a therapeutic vibe. Since times immemorial, courtyards as spaces have deep roots in Indian architecture since it was a traditional way of living. It was an integral part of our culture transitioning the hierarchy of spaces. We can trace them back to ancient civilisations where they were influenced by culture and climate.

The farmhouse has 7 bedrooms, huge double height drawing room which faces the swimming pool and lawn area, acompanied by family lounge, a home theater with seatings of 8 is attached with the party hall in basement that is having a sunken court. The farm also consist the lavish gym area.

Nestled in the heart of the capital, the Garga residence exuberates this social interactive space as the soul of this residence making it buzzing with activities and also acting as a visual linkage A strong linear axis connects the outside to the courtyard giving a larger than life feel to the entryway. Bold accents planned along the axis further accentuate the surroundings.

All other spaces are arranged around the courtyard which gives it a larger than life vibe. Water bodies across the site have created an interplay of built and the open giving a serene feeling to the design. y The luxury residence estate home uses clean lines and modern materials to achieve a contemporary look. It is an amalgamation of traditional indian spatial arrangement along with modern material and contemporary lines.

The composition of the building blocks is extremely straight and uses clean lines. It forms an oasis where the positive and negative spaces combine. Strong and vibrant patterns have been used for flooring showcasing ethnic influences with a modern interpretation. Striking colour combinations mark the spaces as a true expression of the client’s personality. There is natural linearity, clean lines and add to the serenity to the space.


January 21, 2023 admin

Since times immemorial, man has tried to adapt and recreate the surroundings according to needs. Renovation is a significant idea since it only increases the value of the house but also the comfort of the user. Face-lifting a home is a way to provide a dramatic and distinguished presentation of the surroundings with a knock-on effect of increased aesthetics. One can play around with colours, textures, elements, accessories and movable furniture.

To name a few building elements which dramatically change a house’s exterior are- decks, entry porches, verandahs, pergolas, and privacy screens. Replacing external cladding, rendering existing brickwork, re-roofing, upgrading landscape treatment, painting a house with a new colour scheme, and replacing and paving old driveways can significantly change the vibe of the exterior. While the interior design adds to the comfort and aesthetics of living spaces, the exterior contributes to the visual identity of a home, providing a distinctive appeal. This presents an opportunity to create a more contemporary appearance.

The recent reconstruction project by Design Consortia at DLF, Gurgaon demanded a delicate refinement of interior spaces resulting in an extensive makeover of the external North-west facade. For instance, when the bedroom on the top floor has been redesigned as a private sanctuary, a free-standing wall is created to form a screen that maintains the privacy of the bedroom. This wall runs across the side of the site, providing privacy for the premises while also allowing adequate natural light to flow through the spaces. 

In the case of this project, invariable importance is given to both the functionality and aesthetic regime of the structure. Though the renovation needed the strengthening of beams and columns to retain the existing structural grid, there isn’t a compromise on upgrading the aesthetics. The redesign of this home includes getting rid of RCC- therefore, steel-framed structures are projected out as balconies that also add to the elevation aesthetics.

The low-maintenance facade is in increasing demand with facelifting the exteriors in homes. Materiality plays a vital role in designing low-maintanance facades. For instance, the DLF project opts for a durable material palette, especially on the facade, that includes treated wooden panels, glass, and GRC jaalis, which contribute to low maintenance and as well as aesthetics.

The upgrade of the exterior also includes landscaping that surrounds the property, including the lawns, pavement, and driveways. The DLF home features an artificial lawn adjacent to the driveway as a part of the renovation. The double-height interior complements the exterior greenery by creating an outdoor connection. 

The exterior facelift to the home is almost a byproduct of the interior renovations which initiate the project. However, this external facelift can have just the appropriate impact on the comfort of the home simultaneously, creating a new identity for the home.


November 30, 2021 admin

As people are becoming smarter, so are their homes! While this statement might seem outrageous, it is true. With a rapid rise and developments made in the field of technology, automation is an element that is also being embraced in the residential sector.  Home automation refers to the interconnectivity various Wi-Fi and BlueTooth based devices are connected to each other in a singular and comprehensive system. These systems are easily controlled with the help of voice assistants like Siri or Bixby. Through the introduction of home assistants like Google Home and Alexa, many Indian homes have already taken the first step for a full-fledged automatic home. By 2025, it is expected that one trillion devices will be connected through an Internet of Things (IoT), making for an easily navigable and smart home.

The most basic step developers have taken when the concept of home automation was introduced was by developing smart lighting systems. These lighting systems include bulbs, LED lights, and colour strips. What makes them unique from traditional lighting systems is that they do not need a physical switch to operate. As they are connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, they can be controlled through voice or physical actions. These systems are also smart for another reason – they are motion-activated. So, when there is a user in a room, these lights activate automatically, and as the person leaves the room, these lights switch off automatically. While this development might seem insignificant, they are a superb way to save electricity. Technologies like these are good for the environment while saving your money!

Safety & security is a very important part of being a modern homeowner. In recent years, the security systems developed have made leaps and bounds in comparison to the technologies seen a decade ago. The CCTV is a humble yet very powerful asset one can equip their homes with. Residents are able to access CCTV footage remotely, get alerts for movements, and even store important recordings on the Cloud. Apart from CCTV cameras, there is also smart doorbell and locks. Smart locks allow the user to lock the door remotely. Similarly, smart doorbells allow the resident to attend to doorbells remotely through an audio and video recording device. Home keys are also becoming obsolete – residents can simply enter their homes using an RIFD card. It is harder for thieves to get in as the card doesn’t leave any room for lockpicking. Some devices also trigger an alarm and alert the authorities if they detect any kind of suspicious activity.

There is nothing wrong with traditional sockets, per se, but in the age of technology, this house staple has also gotten a much-needed upgrade. The socket has been around for decades, but the modern socket also has a USB outlet that allows users to directly connect their wires to the socket. A great advantage of a USB charging port is that it can be controlled remotely. As these sockets are connected to the devices of the house, they can easily be controlled for user convenience. Some outlets have taken it a step further by adding an energy monitoring component, giving the user detailed reports on how much time it has been kept switched on and the amount of energy consumed. Similarly, speakers are also connected to a device system that runs throughout the house. Again, it is connected with the help of a voice automatic system that can easily be controlled by the user. 

Smart homes have become the revolution that no one expected but everyone needed. In a couple of years, smart homes will be as common as smartphones, which is a welcome change people need in their hectic lives.